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An Update On Fame/Knockout Altercation...😐


Today has been a long day but I am going to make it my business to clear this mess up and once I do so I am not speaking on this matter again.

Well after the story went viral and both parties got word they both denied that there was a stabbing. 

Knockout reached out to me personally in my DMS to clear up some shit..

The first screenshot is allegedly what Fame sent to Knockout..

Knockout confirms made the entire story up for attention and to try to get him back..

Meanwhile Fame confirms that the story about him being stabbed was not true.

Regardless this entire situation is SICK and TWISTED. 

I hope the best for both of them but I had to make this post to clear my name since their fans think I made this entire story up for clicks..


Some more receipts from Knockout. Poor Tigger dragged in this mess.


  1. Just saying that he made the story up to get Fame back is rather twisted.Their Porn career puts them in the Spotlight.Everything that they do is all over Social Media so when all of this is happening you can't cry Circus when it was you who helped to create this Circus. I am so over this Mess because this has become an ongoing Soap Opera and Reality Show.

    1. Thanks and okay I get it now. Either way this whole Social Media Soap has become very toxic and it's time to let it go. If Fame went to these measures to keep Knockout and for attention then he needs help.

  2. deleting them both.

  3. That's fag shit right there Smh

  4. Fame is a damn idiot and Knockout is no better. These two are lame as fuck.

  5. I hate both of them. Two toxic-asses, who can't get enough attention. Always gotta be seen, always gotta put their shit on social media, then wanna catch feelings with people who misinterpret their stories. But then have the nerve to edit people's criticism and interpretations, so that the LIE, the STORY, yet another episode in their toxicity, that they put out into social media for attention, is interpreted correctly? Cancel both them bitches already.


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