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BBA Model Kingston Goes Apeshit After Being Outed On Social Media

Black Boy Addictionz exclusive model Kingston recently had a social media meltdown after he discovered someone tried to out his porn endeavors on his private Instagram page. The result of it cost him his relationship with his girlfriend and he went on a F bomb rant and threatening anyone who might have been responsible.  Fellow Black Boy Addictionz model King Ant can be seen in the comment section trying to calm him down.

Kingston has starred in over three scenes with BBA including a scene with King Ant.

In related news yesterday somebody contacted me about Apollo and sent me a link to his personal IG and wanted me to out him.  I might be known for a lot of shit but stuff like that is never cool with me. This friend claim to have known Apollo for over ten years and just discovered that Apollo did gay porn. When Apollo tried to deny the rumors by calling the friend a faggot and blocking him. The friend decided to put his business out there.

Of course I pass on the info but I feel that this should be a cautionary tale for people who want to get into the adult industry. Outing people in general is dangerous.  Careers and family can be affected. Somebody can get seriously hurt or worse.

  Kingston is around 19 years old so he is young and probably still trying to find himself but he gotta take some responsibility in this situation. Like it or not BBA is a popular studio and this ain't the 90s. With social media being what it is it's not hard to be found out or discovered especially if one is browsing Pornhub. If you dont want your folks to know that you sucking dick on film, you probably shouldn't venture into porn. Now that it is out,take some responsibility and be more careful.

I think whoever did that shit was foul as fuck and it's probably because Kingston was not giving them any play so they sought revenge.
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