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Mr. Bolden Addresses Leaked Video Of Him Bottoming...

you can see the clip here.


  1. I assumed one or both Bolden and Fedz bottomed off camera, but verse guys don't want to be bottom shamed which is why we don't get more guys that are supposedly "Top Only" (on camera) actually doing scenes revealing they are verse. They usually only eventually bottom when it's their last video like with Slim Thug or need money like Phat daddy, Champ robinson was outted on a gay radio show, where the interviewer revealed he knew that Champ was verse with his lover and got him to say that he would be verse on camera 1 time as his last scene when he retires and it would be with Rikk York.

  2. Was pretty sure he bottomed all the time and now we got proof. Btw don’t think jaynite bottomed for him like he tells but he fucked Boldens juicy ass all night and made him his slut

  3. I have fucked few of these "Total Tops" while living in ATL. I believe if a man can suck my dick with his eyes closed and get really passionate about then he can take that dick in his ass... So far I haven't been wrong. If I had a dollar every time I hear; "Im not a bottom, I don't do this, please don't tell no body bro" I would been a millionaire. But it something about topping a nigga in secret, shyt be mad hot.. and yea most these dudes be straggling to take a dick because they're too tight, but ma boy Mr.Bold is wide open..Jay was sliding in and out with easy. Ma niggas was even creaming and beg for a nut. It's just a shame that Mr.Bolden hasn't got PAID for the hottest video he ever stared.. we watching this shyt online for free, one thing you can't take away from Mr.Bolden.. he look sexy as fuc taking that dick. If he post more bottoming videos on his onlyfans I will start paying him for sure

    1. Exactly, he needs to take dick regularly on cam and we need to see that ass banged hard on doggy style

  4. Lol @ outed as top. Gay folks are something else. you have to come out to your family and friends as gay and then to the gay community as bottom/verse. Sh*t is ridiculous this point. Crazy how a gay man has to have limitations with his sex partner.


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