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Gio Got Some Words For "Str8" Dudes Like Tank..


  1. Honestly he told nothing but the truth. Like stop using the gays for their dollars.Plus I don't get the appeal of Tank anyways.

    1. He isn't all that. I mean he's not even really average. It's honestly like it's hard to put his look into actual words

  2. I so agree . You want to get fucked in the ass on Video because you want the Gay Dollar but then come on with all this I'm not gay shit. I mean I get it some people don't do labels but you want to say you're straight while letting a dude fuck you in the ass.

  3. hes a ho and hos will do anything for a coin. the only way you stop it is to stop giving them you coins. but i have found out, more people think porn is real than fake... its actors getting paid to fuck. until they understand that, its a lost cause.


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