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Signal23tv CEO Gets Into It With Knockout Over Owed Money..

Signal23Tv has been accused of not paying their actors in the past. Former talents Brandon Karson, Rico Pruitt, Tripp Ali, Kash Dinero among others have all stated they were never paid for their time on Signal23tv platform.

The latest actor to call Signal23tv out is none other than Knockout, who replaced Rico Pruitt in Cuffin Season 2 only to get fired and replaced mid season for getting drunk and fighting on of the contestants.

Well I guess Knockout never got his check either because he was going at it with Signal23tv creator Henderson Maddox...

In spite of Henderson claiming he makes six figures, he has been constantly accused of not paying his actors and we not even going talk about the recycled rotation of talent and production budget. If more than one person is claiming the same thing, there must be some truth to it. 

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