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Mister Bolden Reveals The Real Reason Why He Split With Fedz..

A month ago, amateur porn couple Mister Bolden and Fedz announced that they were separating.  Of course back then they gave us an excerpt from a Hallmark card.

Well I guess a lot has happen because Mister Bolden just got real about he and Fedz are  no longer together...

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  1. I thought something was up when I noticed Fedz pics and vids were removed off Bolden's Twitter account. No surprise...when a couple does straight or gay porn together? It's a sure fire recipe for disaster, jealousy, cheating, and in the end? A breakup. Personally - I saw that shit coming. Even Stevie Wonder saw it coming. LOL Just like Romeo St John and Gio, and so many others. If you do porn? Better stay single and unattached.


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