This Artwork By @ArtSoSexi Is πŸ”₯ #FiftyShadesOfBlack

First off let me give a quick shout out to the artist who recreated that epic pic Black Rayne posted a while back.

As you know Black Rayne is set to release the much anticipated/hyped (depending on who you ask) seven man orgy scene "50 Shades Of Black" featuring Diego (I could not remember his name to save my life), Homemade, Romance, XL, Kash Dinero, Maxx Dean & Chino Blac.

I want to clear up the "XL coming out of retirement" statement. Technically he never retired but was on hiatus. As I have always said on this very blog, models never really retire but I do want to clear that up on my end.

Hopefully he will shoot more scenes this year. Who would you want to see him paired with?
Apeel Magazine is getting in on the action promising to release an epic magazine shoot of the orgy scene. From the looks of the pics, we can expect several scenes from individual models..